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  • copper mine

    A copper mine that was owned by [[:greybeard | Greybeard]] and his family. They abandoned it several years ago before the war. Now that the war is over [[:greybeard | Greybeard]] is seeking it out and hoping to use it once again. Our adventurers were …

  • Flame Keep

    Flame Keep is the capital of [[Thrane]]. [[Main Page]] | [[Monsters]] | [[Places]] | [[Ebberon]] | [[Characters]]

  • Aundair

    One of the five nations. [[Main Page]] | [[Monsters]] | [[Places]] | [[Ebberon]] | [[Characters]]

  • Zilargo

    This is the home nation of the [[Gnome | Gnomes]]. [[Main Page]] | [[Monsters]] | [[Places]] | [[Ebberon]] | [[Characters]]

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