The Lich Corruption


Our adventures returned to their camp site only to find it had been disturbed. Geen searched for magical auras and found 3. One major one over the camp and two smaller ones over tents. Geen, Gidgit, and Bartholomew spent several minutes then figuring out that they were wards to warn someone when they were activated. It was then determined to wait in ambush and see if anyone showed up when the wards were activated. The wards were triggered by Zio and the party waited for half an hour with nothing happening. The party then continued out and met up with Greybeard to receive payment. Greybeard was talked into giving them 500 GP. They then continued down the road and rested for the night with no event.

Clearing The Copper Mine

Bartholomew and Gidgit traveled back to Flamekeep for healing. Upon their arrival they informed the guard that they had run into a small band of hob-goblins that were there to attack any fleeing citizens from the recent goblin attack. When they arrived back at the camp they found that Zio and Geen had not taken down camp. Zio had started, but with his injuries he had made little progress on his tent. Bartholomew then helped him and Zio broke down his own tent. The adventurers set off and traveled West for 6 hours without much to note. Bartholomew finally noticed that Geen was not up to par and was still feeling the effects of the battle the day before and healed him.

During the night all the adventurers were awakened by the whispers of Bartholomew and a strange dwarf. The dwarf introduced himself as Greybeard and asked the adventurers if they could help in clearing out a Copper Mine. There was much arguing but eventually the adventurers agreed to clear it out in the morning.

The adventures traveled half an hour north to the mine and attempted negotiations with the Goblins however the goblins were not open to this and attacked the party while one blew a horn of warning. Inside the cave there was a metal door that the goblins had sealed up tight. Gidgit proceeded to annoy the goblins trying to break their will. Meanwhile Zio found a secret entrance and explored this, finding that one direction led to another entrance to the mine. He then gathered up the rest of the party and found a locked door. Using a dagger supplied by Geen, Zio and Bartholomew forced the lock. As the door was old it creaked when opened and alerted some goblins. Zio dispatched one goblin, however he yelled as he was slain. As the rest of the goblins charged the area the party hid allowing them to pass. Searching further lead the party to the Captain of the the goblins. After slaying him the remaining goblin begged for his life and promised to tell the others that the mine was lost. Under the throne of the Captain was found a chest that had a dart trap on it. In the chest was found a shiny lute.

Meet and Greet

It is the year 1035. Our adventurers are in the Market district of Flame Keep.


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