Zol, 24 Eyre, 1035 YK

On the continent of Khorvaire in the Kingdom of Thrane within the cpital of Flame Keep, the High Circle of The Silver Flame is planing on resurrecting Falora Miron

This has been decided, after much debate, to conquer the coming evil of the Lich Lords. Nine Lords who have raised an army to wipe all of civilization off this world.

The hope is that Falora will be used to defeat the army and save civilization. Fate, however has a different outcome in mind.

Welcome to Schmidt’s Eberon Campagin 3.5! We’ll be calling this The Lich Corruption.

I would like all of you to make your characters and such here. I’ll be updating this as I get the opportunity and chance.

And remember have fun!

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The Lich Corruption

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